I don’t know about anyone else, but I am SO ready to pack up my sweaters and jeans and whip out some spring clothes. I always enjoy this time of the year because I seem to always forget about the clothes I own when they are packed up in boxes. This weekend was daylight savings and I am already enjoying the extra hour of daylight.

I am worried however how this will effect my shopping habits. New season means new clothes for me. Right now I am feeling good because I am still excited to wear the clothes that I had packed up for fall and winter. But I am afraid once I wear those for a while, I will want new ones. I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I get there. Or IF I get there. Here’s to hoping that I don’t! I think I have become a lot more creative in my outfit decisions. I have tried to mix and match a lot more than normal, so that I don’t get too tired of my clothes. This week I really didn’t have many temptations. Yesterday was Fake Patty’s, so I was out with friends. I wasn’t bored at home looking for something to do, so I didn’t online shop or actually GO shopping. However my friends went shopping the other day for a cute new shirt to wear for Fake Patty’s day. I felt a little annoyed because if I went with them, I knew I would want to buy something. But I ended up not going and I just lived vicariously through them when they came home and showed me what they got. That is really how I am fulfilling my shopping needs right now. I have convinced myself that there aren’t any clothes out there that I need right now. I have PLENTY of clothes and I do not need another darn thing. I am trying to convince myself that every day, it’s working so far! Let’s hope it keeps working!