Mind the chilly weather, today, spring is in the air! At first, avoiding new purchases was easy. I had tons of sweaters, long sleeves, pants, etc. to keep myself warm, yet fashionable during the cooler weather days.

Realizing spring break starts just next week, I found myself beginning to gawk at all the new spring apparel. I keep telling myself the detox will be over sooner than I know it, but it doesn’t make the whole thing easier.

I love keeping up to date on the latest fashion trends, so of course I want all the upcoming spring colors in my closet. I’ve always been the type to play it safe with neutral colors, and upon my arrival to college I hoped to change that. Though the detox has made it hard, I’ve managed to find a few blues and pinks in my closet for the upcoming season. In order to stay trendy, during the detox, I’m planning to match some of my fall styles with the few spring pieces I have. This way, I’ll stay true to the detox, stay fashionable, and create a new style along the way!