This past week, I have not have any temptations to purchase any apparel or even shop. I avoided the mall though because I knew there was going to be good spring break sales. As usual, when I worked at my retailing job, I left right after my shift ended and I got to work within 5 minutes of the start of my shift insuring that I would not have spare time to “just look around” nearby stores. I have been thinking recently about “redesigning” my old thrifted shirts into something new by cutting off the sleeves and making them into tank tops with a cut off back. I think it’ll be a fun project to do over the course of the semester and I look forward to seeing the final product of my creativity! Pinterest is just full of ideas. As of now though, I am feeling annoyed with this detox because I really need more summer clothes including tank tops for this next week as I am headed down to Texas to 80 degree weather. I never really understood how dependent I was on clothing items and how pathetic that is.. I could have saved so much money over the past few years if I didn’t waste them on so many clothes that I never even  get a chance to wear… TOO MANY CLOTHES yet I just shop shop shop… It’s a horrible addiction!