This week I really did not have a hard time not buying cloths I am so busy with graduation stuff and trying to get all my class work done that I really did not think about it until, my friends in my hometown got together on Saturday, and one of them is coming up this week she asked me if I wanted to go shopping in Aggieville I told her about the Detox. She thought it was silly and did not think anyone needed a detox from shopping, and then I explained to her that even though I do not go shopping that often I have still had to say no to things I wanted. She said she would try it for four to five weeks which I thought was interesting. She is goanna email me about it and see what she thinks. Then my mom wanted to go out and look for graduation dresses this weekend, and I had to remind her that I could not do that. She told me that she could not do it at all and thought that I was crazy. I just think it is funny how addicted some people are to shopping and I am seeing it more the more I can’t shop.