Week five is now over and I can say that I successfully made it through this past week.  During the weekend however, it was a little harder not to buy something for myself since I was in Oklahoma City and at a bigger mall that had a lot more cute little shops than in Manhattan.  I did have fun looking through all of the clothes even though I knew that I wouldn’t buy anything.  My dad did buy me a new piggy bank, something that I collect, but other than that nothing new besides a lot of free Nike rowing gear in preparation for the spring season.  I think that’s how I have been able not to go shopping and remain in a good mood because my dad still buys me little presents, and rowing gives me free clothing.  With all of that new clothing I think I can resist temptation for a few more weeks.  My creativity really hasn’t changed too much, still mixing the old with the new.  I’m finding out just how much clothing I really own, which is a lot more than I probably should. 🙂