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I’m getting a bit antsy.  I’ve been feeling the shopping urge these last couple of weeks!!!

I would have to blame this on a couple of things, first thing would be that I came down with the real flu and was debilitated for about a week and I was cooped up in my house for a WHOLE week.  Once I started to feel better I wanted to look good.  I guess even my subconscious wants me to dress up.  I think it really did help my recovery.  Although, having to dig for something in my closet I haven’t worn yet this semester that also was appropriate for the weather was a bit of a downer.  I managed though!  My classmates even seemed too like that I dressed up.  One, admitted I’d better not take my blazer off since she’d been eyeing since I’d worn it the first time last spring, (I’m pretty sure we both love the color!)  It was nice to know that others remember some items I own, positively!  Plus its nice to think that it is over a year old and still in style, Yay, for a good buy!

However,  my craving for something new was only awakened by this need to dress up. 

My second reason for really wanting to stray would be that I’ve been getting multiple daily emails from stores where I’ve made online purchases.  Ugh! and they’ve been stores whose clothes I’ve also broken out of the closet recently.  HOW DID THEY KNOW?!  The delete button is very sweet to me.  Out of sight out of mind.  I’ve really wanted to click-on to their sites though… 

Now that I think about it, I haven’t looked at an online store since this challenge began.   I’m sure that has been a big help to me. 

I’m still repairing (well my mom has been helping me repair) clothes that need a little TLC.  (I think she’s been enjoying it!)  I’ve been draping over at her house because she has a serger and the unit we are working on in Draping class is the knit unit.  We are to use a serger to construction our knit garments.  Yes, we do have them at school, but right before I got extremely sick I had brought my dress-form home to drape on.  I knew I’d probably get snowed in when we had our preannounce snow day!  Which I did! 

Working at home I realized how much I got done without all of the distractions from my classmates.  Although, I love them dearly! And their distractions I’m enjoying being efficient!  

Since I’ve been draping over at my moms she keeps asking if she can help, and I told her I would love it if she could but no (She did help get her serger threaded and working properly! And it took her about an hour and half {so that saved me some time} She just got it for Christmas and can’t believe she’s gone for so long without one!!!).  She likes that she gets to see what I do, and I like teaching her the basics and the warm house with snacks  & coffee is icing on the cake!  Since she can’t help with my assignments I brought over a sweater I had gotten from Banana Republic and worn once that unraveled almost all the way down the side seam the first week I wore it!  So infuriating!  I didn’t buy it but I know how much it cost, NOT WORTH IT.  I had fixed the side seam, although the back seam came undone the next time I wore it. L  GRRRRR.  It had been thrown into my to be fixed pile.  Until today! I think I’ll be bringing a few more to be fixed things for mom to help me out J.  She also fixed another shirt for me.  The one that made me so mad at the Gap (funny same chain…)  I hadn’t even made it to school before the shirt ripped!  And then I had her sew a pair of pj shorts I’d patterned but not finished making!  I’m wearing them now as I type this!  It was a good thing I’d patterned them a bit big because she had to redo the side seams a couple of times. I was teaching her industrial sewing and wanted to make it easier for her to put the elastic in.  Haha I feel silly instructing my mom.  I had told her to sew front and backs together and then one side seam.  She came back to me with both sewn.  I just smiled and asked her how she felt about putting the elastic in, in the round.  She said,  “I think these shorts look a bit big.”  We laughed.  I knew they’d be a bit big because I had actually made them same shorts in another fabric but I knew they weren’t giant, and I knew that they were stretchy enough another 1” wouldn’t make them too small. 

Well hopefully waking up in my new shorts and wearing my fixed denim button up and black sweater will appease my shopping appetite for the week!


Rose Penny