So here we are, another week into the fashion detox. I have yet to break the rules and I am genuinely surprised with myself! I did not think I would be able to keep this going even this long. I am feeling a little more anxious than previous weeks mainly because we are getting our spring clothing shipment in now at Gap and it is making things much more difficult! I just want to buy some spring apparel.

Having not being able to purchase any new items, I have begun to get a little more creative with my wardrobe. I have been mixing and matching a lot to spice up my closet and put a ‘new’ spin on my outfits. It has definitely inspired my creativity more than I ever though that it would–definitely a good thing! I have also been pulling some inspiration from others around me. If I see them wearing something a certain way I will try to reflect that look somehow with the clothes I already have.

One way I have kept myself from buying anything while I am out and about is to limit how much money I put into my checking account. This is probably the most helpful thing I have come up with. I usually keep enough money in it to support any shopping sprees, but now I keep a very low amount in it so i will not even be tempted!

Let’s see if I can keep this roll going..