So that’s a photo of a skirt made from my husband’s t-shirts and some leg warmer/boot things that I made by whacking the sleeves off an old sweater.  Can someone explain why I can fit my legs into sleeves but not into actual, store-bought leg warmers for actual legs?

Anyway, how I’m feeling: accomplished.  I spent no money but have an interesting skirt.  Earlier I got a flyer from Maurices and I was annoyed that there were a bunch of dresses that were the fit and flare silhouette, which is my favorite, and I couldn’t buy anything.  Then I figured that they wouldn’t fit all that great anyway, and I have a pattern for a dress that fits me very well.  All I have to do is make it.  So, a combination of sour grapes and “I can make that” staves off the shopping urges for another week.

One thing though, is when I visit friends, I have the urge to shop, because that was part of what we do together.  We have to figure out other things – netflix, thrifting, etc.