This week I am feeling fine and still have not broken any of the detox rules, which I am pretty proud to say. I really have not had any challenges over this past week. My mom came up to see me at school and when she arrived she had an Envy (local boutique store in Manhattan) bag with her. She had bought me a shirt from there as an early Easter basket present. I could not resist excepting the gift she had bought me, it was too cute! Since I was not the one buying the shirt I guess it is okay to keep. This will take care of my itch to go shopping for a while. I have seen a lot of really cute Victoria Secret swimsuits online that I really want to purchase. I can just have to wait and pray they don’t run out of my size by May. I feel fine about waiting; I might see another swimsuit I like better from other stores anyways. This detox has been pretty easy so far, since I have very little cash in my pocket. If anything this process is teaching me how to use my money wisely.