Well spring break is quickly approaching and I am having a dilemma! I have recently been informed that I will be going to Texas for spring break and I need new clothes! Every season, I always go shopping for new clothes. I am worried because I need a few new dresses because the weather is going to be so nice in Dallas! I am just going to have to be creative and wear the dresses that I have! It gets to be very difficult to not shop especially when all of my friends are going shopping for spring break! I guess I will just have to borrow from the girls that I am going to Texas with! The girls that I am going to Texas with asked me multiple times yesterday to go to KC this weekend to go shopping for new clothes for the trip and I had to say no because i knew that i would buy something if I went! It hasn’t impacted how I feel around my friends because they don’t pressure me too much to go shopping because they are respectful of what I am trying to accomplish! It has been difficult but I just continue to say no to shopping and it gets easier and easier every time! The only way that I have fulfilled my needs is by trying on my friends clothes and pretending like they’re my new clothes! It works, try it!! So far i have accomplished my goal of not shopping and I am so happy that my friends are all respectful of it!