Approaching very soon is the well known Kansas State University holiday! This poses a very big problem.. I have NOTHING to wear!! This is making me very anxious and worried that I am not going to have the right outfit! I own absolutely nothing green or even remotely close to green. However, I am going to test my creativeness by throwing together some green fabric I have from Halloween this past year, and make a dress. Now lets hope the weather is warm enough! I tested myself and went to the mall a few days ago and found the perfect top for this event, but I refrained from purchasing it and decided to leave the mall, immediately! All of my girlfriends are going out shopping for their outfits and it makes me really sad that I can’t go with them and for 1. enjoy the experience and for 2. get a cute new outfit! I have asked all of my friends to not talk about shopping around me to help in this detox program and it has been difficult at times, but it isn’t as hard as I anticipated! I have deleted my bookmarks from my computer of all the online shopping sites, and I have also been giving my shopping catalogs that come in the mail, to my friends I live with. This has helped tremendously!