Over the last few weeks I have noticed that I am lacking when it comes to clothes that I can wear for my weekly meeting for my sorority. This has posed a problem! It is business casual and you cannot wear anything tight, I have to have my shoulders covered, and closed toed shoes with no boots. I need new shoes and a new cardigan! However, I cannot go shopping! I have feeling rather stressed because I can’t do what i would normally do, which is just go out and buy something! This has allowed me to use my creativity by putting different outfits together, and also just borrowing something from some of the girls in my chapter.
My mother was in town last weekend and we normally shop when we are bored and need something to do. This was a challenge for the both of us to come up with something else to do besides shop! I have stopped myself from shopping by deleting the bookmarks on my computer for the online stores i normally shop at! I have done very well at finding different outfits i already have and putting them together, opposed to buying something new!
I would have to say this fashion detox is working!