In a few short days the city of Manhattan will be completely green and completely drunk. This upcoming weekend we will be celebrating a holiday named “one of the top 10 college parties” in the nation: Fake Patty’s Day. This celebration presents a problem in my agreement to abstain from buying any apparel items because people go all out for this celebration and I too love to dress up and partake in this exciting tradition. Luckily, I saved a shirt and some beads from last year’s FPD, but I’m not sure if my outfit will be satisfactory. In an attempt to stay true to my fashion detox I have been trying to stay away from the FPD displays at local stores and I have been rifling through some friend’s leftovers from previous years. Although I will probably still manage to look the part while I’m working at the bars all day, I can’t help but be jealous of the new shirts and accessories my friends have been purchasing. I have had to decline offers to purchase group shirts which is slightly disappointing because I don’t want to be excluded. I’m trying to look on the bright side by constantly reminding myself that by abstaining from buying new apparel items my finances are drastically increasing. I can only hope that I will make enough money while working to make me forget all about this fashion detox! At least for the time being.