So this week is pretty rough. I am feeling sad because all of the new spring clothes are coming out and I will not be able to buy any of them. I feel like I am going to be stuck in my winter wardrobe foreverrrrr, which would just be miserable. I don’t have many spring clothes that I actually want to wear. I will have to get creative and switch up my outfits, I need to pair items of clothing together that I haven’t worn together before so I do not became bored with my spring wardrobe from last spring. Its also tough to turn my friends down when they are going shopping and invite me to come along. I am so tempted to just order a few spring pieces online but I just have to tell myself that it wouldn’t be worth it to cheat because this is something that I actually want to achieve at and I believe I can do so. For the rest of this detox I am going to need to avoid temptations like shopping online and use this experience as a time to better my creativity.