So far this detox hasn’t been so bad. I have gone almost a month without shopping for clothing and I haven’t minded it too much. However, I am leaving tomorrow to go to one of my favorite stock shows, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Of the many stock shows I attend each year they have one of the best trade shows filled with mini-boutiques with incredibly cute and unique clothes that Texas is known for so my biggest challenge will be not being able to buy anything while I am at this stock show. Last year I came home with several new tops and a new pair of patchwork cowboy boots following this stock show so I can only imagine the temptations that will be there this year. The other downfall has been that the preparation for this trip has been more frustrating than usual and usually to relieve any anxiety and frustration I go shopping but I have been unable to do this so I am certainly in for an interesting trip. Hopefully, I can get through this trip without “tripping” up and am still able to enjoy myself while at the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo.

I am also a little nervous about the attire necessary for my upcoming golf lessons. When I took on this detox I didn’t really think about the fact that the weather might not be so nice when my golf lessons were to start the beginning of March. I never wear any kind of sweatpants in public and because of that the only pair that I own I would not be caught dead in public in so I might have to get creative here in the next week if the weather doesn’t start to warm up. Hopefully, my roommates or my sister has something I can borrow until the weather warms up.