I’m feeling frustrated. Through the past few weeks, I have been very tempted to shop every time I walk into the retail store I work for. to utilize myself to stop shopping, I have just avoided the mall as much as possible besides when I’m going into work and even then, I enter at the last possible second for my shift and leave right away after my shift is over so I don’t think about purchasing anything.

It’s a frustrating feeling when your best friend asks you to go shopping with her to find clothes for her and you have to hold back on all the temptations that are constantly surrounding you. Through this entire experience though, it has really been eye-opening as to how much I truly depended on clothes throughout my life. I have noticed many items in my closet still with tags on them that I purchased over summer. It’s not much of a “strategy” so to speak but I have started to wear more of the clothes that I “neglected” for the past six plus months. With Spring right around the corner, it’s definitely going to be a challenge to find clothes in my closet that are meant to be worn for warm weather that are still considered to be in style and trendy.