This week I had some troubled with not buying anything related to fashion.  My favorite pair of business pants got a hole in them from me wearing them so often, and my first thought was I could just go buy another pair, but subsequently I remembered that I was in the detox. After that I started to look at them to see if I could refashion them into something else I thought of cutting them off where the hole was, and having shorts. I also thought of taking the rest of the legs and making a jacket, or a shirt. Now I keep thinking of other clothes that don’t fit right any more or are not appropriate for my age and what I could refashion them into. It has gotten me excited about the possibilities

                Even though I am excited about the possibilities of what I could do with old cloths I am also a little frustrated because my watch broke a couple of weeks ago and I keep trying to think of a way to fix it and have not come up with anything yet. Also I saw these awesomely cutie pair of boots on sale a couple of weeks ago and wanted to get them so bad and knew I could not.

To make it to where I am not tempted as much, I have tried to stop going to clothing stores, but now when I go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart I am starting to look at their clothes so now I go to Dillon’s for groceries to try not to tempt myself. All in all, I am hanging in there, but it is starting to cause a disturbance in where I go shopping for things and how I shop.