The first few weeks of this detox weren’t so bad, but I’m definitely starting to feel the effects of deprivation. It was especially hard when I went into Victoria’s Secret to claim my free panties, not to shop for more items. I figured since the panties were free, it would be ok. But while I was in there I was tempted to try on and buy more merchandise than I intended to. It was really hard to resist, but I just had to keep my head down and stay focused. There was also a sale at one of my favorite stores and not taking advantage of the markdowns was pretty brutal. I couldn’t resist from looking, but that only made it worse. So I’ve decided that out of sight, out of mind is the best way to get me through this. This experience has made me look at my closet differently and realize how many clothes and accessories I do have and that I actually need almost nothing. So that has helped to put things into perspective. I think that spring break will be the true test for me. I don’t have any exciting plans, so I know I’m going to be so bored and want to shop. So if I can get past that, I think I have a good chance of completing this 13 week experience without any cheating. Stay tuned.