The weeks that have passed have had about the same amount of difficulty. Temptations, but nothing I haven’t been able to handle. The hardest part that this past week has entailed is temptations from friends. My friends and I love to go thrift store shopping. I have gotten asked several times from different friends to go. It is going to be hard to go and not look at any of the clothes or accessories there, especially considering how cheap the prices are! My broke self can afford that kind of stuff.

When I do go thrifting, I love to buy pieces and then up-cycle them. I started a few projects this weekend. I took a jean vest that I bought over winter break and added studs to it and destroyed it and added glitter to the buttons. I still have to add lace and more studs. I also have decided to stud my white keds. I have always up-cycled clothing. It is one of my favorite activities to do when I am bored, so it is nothing new that has come about in the detox process; it may be increasing though.

Pictures are to come!