Another week has come and gone and although I have been tempted to shop for myself, I have resisted.  I feel good knowing that I can stop myself from going out and buying things that I may find necessary, but really aren’t.  My mood hasn’t really changed, I’m still my happy self and my friends still invite me to go shopping to help them out, even though they know that I can’t buy anything.  I have however gotten my shopping fix by buying my nephew clothes for his birthday.  I don’t know if this breaks any rules, but it’s not for me and it’s fun to style a seven year old. 🙂

In terms of my creativity, I have been digging through my closet and mixing some older pieces of clothes that I have with some of my recent purchases before the detox.  It makes me feel like I have a whole new wardrobe.  I also went home for the weekend and looked through my parents closet once again and found some more shirts and vests that I sneakily took out of the house for myself.  I feel like so far this experience has helped me save a lot of money and has proven that I can do a lot of things with the items that I already own.