Less IS more!…this is something i have to keep reminding myself! the less shopping I do this semester because of the Fashion Detox, the more I realize I have.  It’s been incredibly fun to go through my closet and “shop” and find “new” garments I haven’t worn in a while! This is pushing me to get creative and figure out how to use these “newly” found items in my closet and give them a fresh, updated look. I’m realizing that by thrifting or “shopping” in my closet, my style is ultimately becoming more of my own.  I’m owning my style! By not buying what’s new out in the market, I’m forced to be unique and different, which I love.  It’s also been fun to start tailoring some of my clothes to fit me different to give them a new look. My love for sewing is being taken to a whole new level.

I do have a confession to make though… do gifts count?? I went home this weekend and my mom had surprised me with a pair of running shoes because I had run holes in mine. I guess I should be honest, but it was a gift!… (thanks mom?)… she’s now informed of my fashion detox challenge and I told her if she wants to give me any more gifts, to make them thrifty, fixed, or repurposed!