When I started this detox I thought that it was going to be challenging, but I have found it quite easy so far. I have gone into a few stores or malls since I have signed up, but I was always with someone else who was shopping. I look at clothing and occasionally I think that I would like to buy it, but then I remember that I am taking this detox so I tell myself no. It hasn’t been hard to say no when I have wanted something because I know that I don’t need it. I usually just think to myself, “Oh that would be cool to have, but I can’t. Oh well” and I move on with my life. I have been thinking about the future and how we will be moving into warmer weather and I hope that all my shorts still fit me. If they don’t, I guess that is a bigger motivator to get back into shape! I would like to buy a new pair of running shoes since mine are getting very worn out but I am trying to hold out. On to the next week!!