It has been three weeks, I am very glad that I haven’t break the rule. Mybe because I was very busy this week, I didn’t have time to go shopping and view deals online. However, I still saw a lot of sale events on websites, I always couldn’t stop cliking into those websites, after I reviewed the product, I am very happy that I didn’t purchase them so far.

I think this is a good start for me, I already have the awarenss of stopping shopping fashion stuff in my mind, therefore, my mind will tell me to stop everytime when I wanted to purchase fahion things. My mind has pushed me to aviod purchasing.

There is another thing that make me feel I should definitely stop shopping fashions, I checked my account balance last week, I found I don’t have that much money as I expected before, so I will save my money, the fashion detox is a really good way for me to save my money.