This past week has been an interesting one. Considering it has been freezing outside and snowed a foot; not really tempted to go anywhere except my bed, but that also means Pinterest and I had a grand ole’ time.

Over half of my Pinterest is full of clothing, shoes, and accessories that I pinned. It is a tad difficult to not to want something that you see. Plus, the fact that I cannot buy anything, makes me crave it even more. The weird thing is though now that I am not focusing on the fashion aspect I have turned my attention towards the beauty aspect; make-up and hair. I love looking at all the natural remedies for hair and new hair do’s to spice it up a bit. I also see a lot of natural remedies for face care and have been following a women’s blog on make-up tips and have been trying them out. Some new ideas do involve going to the store and getting new hair care products and new make-up but those are a lot cheaper than clothing is. It is kind of an interesting spin on the fashion detox; I have realized that there are other ways to update your look besides just buying new clothes/shoes.

Here’s to trying new things!