The weather has been a curse and a blessing. I am not a fan of this snow, but as long as it continues, I have less of an urge to shop for spring items. However, working retail and putting out the new Spring fashions and knowing that I will never see them in my closet has made me have to look for other outlets, pinterest being my savior. Recently I have pinned hundreds of new looks and I am finding ways to make the pieces in my closet work differently and adapt to the new looks. There are several DIY pins as well that I want to experiment with. One in particular that I have started is repurposing old jeans into shorts with lace detail and new ombre  dye techniques, so far I am really happy with the results. And it seems to be the perfect winter activity when I am snowed in the house with nothing to do. Plus it is keeping me busy, my mind off shopping and I am having a lot of fun creating new outfits with old pieces.