Detoxing from shopping has been surprisingly simple. I was worried that it would be a struggle, that there would be temptation around every corner, but (so far) I have shown myself that shopping isn’t vital to my existence. It helps that a lot of my friends are not big shoppers either and before the Detox, the mall wasn’t really my scene (unless an Orange Julius opens up) My only threats are online newsletters from internet stores , but those can be deleted with a swift click. I do see a few problems on the horizon: I need something green for St. Patrick’s Day, and I need another pair of jeans. My method of dealing with issues is to not deal with them, so I will continue that trend and cross those bridges when I get there. I’m also headed to Las Vegas this spring break, and I need to figure out what one wears in the city of strippers and theme hotels. This assignment has made me appreciate my existing wardrobe and realize the value that I have already invested in the clothes hanging in my closet. As warmer weather sets in, I may feel differently, but so far, I am feeling strong about the Detox.