I won’t deny, it has been extremely hard to resist the urge to shop. These past few snow days haven’t helped either. I found myself browsing online stores because there was “nothing better to do” while being stuck inside due to the weather.

Although I placed plenty of items in my online shopping cart, I never ended up clicking the checkout button. I won’t lie, I was very tempted to though. After logging out of my computer, I’m pretty positive I heard my wallet give a sigh of relief.

Though it has been hard on myself, my wallet is really liking this fashion detox. In the past week and a half, I’ve managed to save AND set aside $700. I’ve always wanted to manage my money well, but shopping always seemed to get in the way. I think this is just what I needed to help me get started!

Even though we’re barely in to the fashion detox, I really feel that I’ve positively impacted some of the people around me. I’ve began to notice that they’re more money conscious and have began to duplicate outfits or create new outfits out of the wardrobe they already have. Makes me feel good that I’m able to not only help myself, but friends as well, through this fashion detox!

“Can’t wait to see what the future brings!”