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Week 3.  I haven’t caved.  I even got a gift certificate to one of my favorite stores and wasn’t even tempted to go in!  I’m a bit shocked myself.  

A few updates:

I ripped apart a leather jacket I plan to turn into something else.  I’m debating between a skirt, a motorcycle jacket, or a sweet bodice.  Hopefully, I’ll get the guts to wear any of those items.  Seems a bit contradictory being an aspiring fashion designer but too chicken to wear certain items of clothing.  I’m a bit shy.  Don’t get me wrong I love daring pieces and have occasionally stepped out in some things not everyone was wearing at the time.  However being from a small town in Kansas you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons, I know I’ve kept my fashion leader personality tamer than say I would have if I’d grown up in a big city.  

Back to ripping up my jacket.  It was one my mom bought for me in high school, that I think I wore once.  (I feel so guilty that its in pieces at the moment, I probably won’t tell her what I’ve done until its complete, although I doubt she even thinks I still have it.) I took a before photo.  Hopefully you guys will get to see the transformation this semester!

I’ve also noticed I’ve been wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a long time and somethings I’ve never worn.  It’s been fun.  I wore a (so awful I like it) yellow knit shell, thats likely from the 70’s or 80’s, I found while shopping in my grandmas basement closet that I’ve had since thanksgiving to K-state Project Runway.  This is a moment I would have likely gone out to buy something new for especially since it was a friday night, that I had off.  I was proud I found something I thought was acceptable enough for a fashion function and it came from my own closet that I didn’t have to spend hours shopping and worrying about.  

As well, I’ve made it a point to repair anything that needs it, including that popped wire in my favorite bra!