Weeks one and two were fairly easy–not too much of a challenge. Here we are at week three though, and as everyone else has said, the weather has played a big part on my urge to online shop. Being stuck inside because of the snow left me browsing clothing websites. I am proud to announce that i did NOT give in though!

I admit, I did become somewhat frustrated at the fact I cannot shop because of all the amazing sales going on recently. A friend texted me to tell me she literally save $1,020 at a store back home because of the sale that was going on. I was beyond jealous and wanted to drive to the store right that second! To top it off, she sent me photos of all the clothing items she bought. I do feel as if I am missing out on some great stuff, but I know my wallet with thank me once this process is over!

Although I miss being able to purchase new clothes, I do feel a little giddy each time I receive a paycheck knowing that it will only rise from there since I am no longer blowing it on apparel items!