As I walked through week three the idea of shopping sounded good on a couple of occasions.  One night in particular I was having one of those, “my closet sucks and doesn’t make since to who I am” moments.  I wanted to go out and buy a new jacket or skirt.  I have a lot of bohemian chic pieces and I was craving a more city-slick, edgy look. Since I knew that even going through the motions of shopping might tempt me to buy something new, I decided to stay in and redecorate my room.  I completely rearranged things, just so that I could get a new vibe.  It is the same kind of feeling you get when you buy something to update your wardrobe.  It feels as if things are coming together and creating harmony out of life.  

Although my redecorating did not directly solve my wardrobe crisis, it indirectly showed me how to fall in love with the things I have all over again.  New storage, display, and posting pictures of some of my belongings onto tumblr made me appreciate the artistry of what I have.  A lot of times I crave convenience with my clothing, which seems to come with fast fashion and quantity.  Recognizing the unique beauty of my pieces and striving for fresh pairings brings about satisfaction with my wardrobe.  

While I have already been embarrassed by how difficult these three weeks have been, I am not defeated. Rather, I am quite excited about the way I am beginning to think of my closet.