Outside a blanket of white covers what I would prefer to be lush green grass. And although the weather suggests that spring is still out of reach, I have decided to do my spring cleaning early. This unexpected purge of unnecessary items and clothes during a period in which I am not allowed to replenish my bare closet is mainly due to my current living situation. I live in a beautiful three bedroom apartment in which my bedroom is basically my own mini apartment; I have an unbelievably spacious bedroom, my own bathroom and closet, and I even have my own kitchenette within my bedroom. It’s fabulous! However, my perfect one person bedroom may very shortly become a two person bedroom. My boyfriend has found himself in a less than desirable living situation, and he will be moving out by March 1st. Thus far he has not been able to find a suitable place to live. He is looking at one more apartment and if this one doesn’t work out then he will be moving in with me. Don’t get me wrong, I would be more than happy to accommodate him. Not to mention it would cut my rent in half! But I live in a spacious bedroom for one… I already share it with a large dog and a cat, so adding another human might make the space a little cramped. It is for this reason that I am trying to rid myself of any expendable items to make room for what he deems to be living necessities. I will be putting some of my furniture in storage to make room for his and then I will be sharing the remaining storage space, including my closet and dressers. Hence, the need for some serious cleaning/organizing. I have found it difficult to pick and choose which articles of clothing to keep and which to discard. For example, I have 7 beautiful Athropologie dresses that were each a little pricey. And while I do love each of them, I haven’t worn them in about two years! Plus I would probably make a decent profit selling them, which would be extremely helpful given my unstable financial situation. The difficult part of this cleaning will be my restrictions on buying any clothes to replace the ones I have lost. Maybe if my boyfriend does move in the closet won’t look so bare with his clothes included in the space, and I wont feel so distressed over my lack of apparel items. I think it may be time to start raiding some of my more fashionable friend’s closets before I do get to urge to buy!