Well, It’s almost the end of week two and I am happy to say that I’m not having any issues with this detox. I honestly thought I would be upset by now, but I’m not. New spring clothes are beginning to hit the stores, and for some reason I just don’t care… yet. I say this because I can’t believe that I won’t be frustrated with this detox at SOME point- I mean this is a long time to give up shopping!

Maybe the reason that I don’t care about shopping right now is the weather- 7 inches of snow is DEFINITELY not going to motivate me to go buy new spring fashions! Or maybe I’m just much better at not shopping than I thought I would be (but let’s be real, it’s probably the snow). No matter the reason though, I’m really happy that I’m not having an issue with this- I mean as of right now I feel content wearing what I already own.