I worked a lot this past week at my retail store mainly doing shipment in the back to get all of our warm weather merchandise out onto the sales floor. It was hard to walk out at the end of my shift with only the desire to spend money on everything I hung up or folded. It was a challenge because my immediate reaction was wanting to purchase the items I wanted right away. I think the Detox Challenge is much harder when you work at a clothing store that is everything you always wear and buy. However, I’ve gone strong even though I have had employee appreciation and employee coupons for winning a competition. It really stinks knowing that this is only the second week into the detox and I’m already struggling. It’s kind of pathetic and eye-opening realizing how dependent I am on always buying the next hot thing before most people even lay eyes on it.
Even though, it has only been two weeks, I am extremely happy that I’m successfully saving money.