One week down, lots to go!

This past week has been a little bit of a struggle. For one, it was Valentine’s Day. Usually I receive gifts from my family and yes it’s usually clothes, shoes, or jewerly. It has been a tradition for my step mom to get me a swimsuit, thank goodness though, this year she gave me money to buy something before the detox started. So, naturally I bought two new pairs of jeans. I also received a package in the mail from my mom. For once, I was hoping it was not jewelry. I am glad the package did not contain anything I could not take because I am not sure I could contain myself from keeping it. The only disappointing part was that my grandparents sent me a gift card to Marshalls, which is my favorite store to go shopping at. Much to my relief, Manhattan does not have one.

I have however been using other resources instead of buying new clothes. This weekend I went to the Zac Brown Band concert and wanted a cute top to go with my boots and jeans. I decided to raid some closets and found a really cute top in one of my friends. I realized if you are looking for an outfit for just one occasion, it is pointless to go and buy something. Plus you know if you ever want to wear it again your friend will let you borrow it anytime.

Until next week.