The first official week of the detox has proved to be a success. I have had little thoughts on shopping or temptations. However, this week was crazy busy with school work and other projects, which took up most of my focus, time and thoughts. I have been noticing how much we, as consumers, are bombarded with advertisements, signs and email alerts for sales and offers from stores, beckoning us to spend money. Every day I delete my emails from my favorite online stores without even looking at them. I have also realized how much I hate window shopping, or looking at clothing items just for the sake of looking at them, without the option of buying them, and my weekly store newsletters have been making me grumpy.

               This week, my project will be to go through my closet and discover items that I have forgotten, need to donate, or items that need some help from my sewing machine. I already have a stockpile of jeans that need the legs to be taken in. Hopefully this will eliminate the need to buy a new pair of jeans. I feel confident about my ability to not shop, but I think I am just in the Honeymoon Phase. I may be underestimating how long 13 weeks really is and I wonder what will happen in the upcoming weeks.