The first week was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but that is only because I was  surrounded by many temptations. Kansas City has so many more options making it so much harder. My mom needed clothes for her cruise in March, so instead of shopping for myself I focused on helping pick out her wardrobe. It was almost just as great as shopping for myself; I still got to look for great deals, which is just as satisfying. Besides being in Kansas City the challenge so far has been quite simple. I have found myself to becoming more conscientious of the clothes that I already have. Earlier this week I sewed a hole in my sweater instead of maybe pitching it, or not wearing it. I did this knowing I couldn’t just go out and purchase another one. It taught me a lesson to take better care of my clothes and how to repair them if something happens.  One week down and 12 more to go, and I’m still going strong. My bank account likes the results so far! The real challenge will be when all the new cute summer swim suits are all out in the stores. I have decided to stay away from Target all together, just in case.