This first week of the detox was a success! Although I did struggle with my desire to buy a new outfit for Valentine’s Day, one of my friends loaned me a pair of blood red skinny jeans that I paired with a ruffled cream top, gold sparkly platform pumps, gold accessories, and bright lips, no new clothes necessary. My boyfriend says he prefers me with no clothes anyways! It’s probably a good thing I’m participating in a fashion detox given the amount of candy I received. At this rate, I should probably wait until I find the motivation to start working out again before I step foot into a store to try on clothes. Instead of shopping through the Victoria’s Secret catalogs I frequently receive I’m going to use them as motivation to get back into shape. Hopefully this detox will not only save me some moolah, but give me the time to actually do what I always say I’m going to do, and get my hot body back!