So as this 1st week has wrapped up, I am proud to say I haven’t gone shopping at all. The temptation to shop when I was by the Plaza in KC this weekend was insane. I literally had to have my friend give me a pep talk (or 2) about how this detox would all be worth it in the end. I’ve come to the conclusion that as the weeks go by I will need to stay as far as possible from any malls, boutiques, and especially the Plaza. I did some thinking the past couple days about how this Fashion Detox is making me more appreciative of the clothes I do have and is forcing me to switch things up a bit. I didn’t realize a week ago that I would not only be testing my self control, but creatively changing my view point on how I can wear my clothing. I’m happy that we all have one less week of this detox, but am also grateful for this experience. It sure is a tough one though!