So as I predicted, this challenge isn’t proving to be very challenging for me, at least not yet. I just haven’t had any time to go out and walk around any store that isn’t Hy-Vee. I have decided  to share my closet with a friend who is also doing the Fashion Detox, but I don’t know if we will actually end up trading anything. Maybe we should though! I am getting pretty bored and unimaginative with my outfits lately because I’m so tired of this cold weather. Oh, and I didn’t even go on a last minute shopping spree last Sunday, even though I do really want a pair of black pumps to go with this awesome 80s jumpsuit I bought over Winter Break, and I pretty much need some new jeans, as I only have two pairs that I wear and one is getting stretched out to the point of looking horrible. I think I can hold out on buying those things until the end of the semester though!