Well, this first week of detox has been surprisingly easy for me. I was fairly busy this week, so I didn’t have too much time to think about shopping. I feel good about this detox so far, and I hope that I can remain this positive throughout the next 12 weeks! The only temptations that I have had so far come in the form of emails. I subscribe to several stores to get the latest information on sales, new arrivals, etc. Instead of opening these emails this week, I simply deleted them- which was very hard to do by the way, especially since there were tons of Valentine’s Day sales!

I do think that this detox will become more difficult as time goes by, but I will try my hardest to just keep deleting emails. My strategy for the next 12 weeks is to avoid shopping all together. I feel like if I browse online or go to the mall that I will cave in. So far, though, this challenge has been relatively easy. I hope I can say the same a few weeks from now.