As I walked into Target with two trendy design students, and no thought of The Fashion Detox, my intentions were far from purchasing.  I was only going along for the ride.  We were browsing the clothing, shoe, and accessory isles when I saw it.  A beautiful, black faux leather, bucket bag.  The detachable cross body strap, top stitching five inches from the base, and all black lining were enchanting me with their simplicity and functionality.

A hysterical chuckle escaped my gaping mouth as Fashion Detox leaped to the forefront of my mind. The bag that felt so good resting on my right hip became irrelevant. Thoughts of dying my old bags or turning my winter coat into a large purse ensued my ideals of meeting the need, that arose seconds prior, for a new bag.

The consumer driven economy of fast fashion has been training me for years that I need new wardrobe enhancers on the daily.  If I can not create a new outfit once a day, every day, for at least three weeks then I have serious closet deficits.  My first challenge in The Fashion Detox: eliminate the “needs” the market creates.