I think my shopping habits is base on my parents who own a fashion company as a wholesale since I was kids, so the basic memories from my parents was sewing fabrics,selling clothes and shoes. I felt so happy when I was a kids, because I could wear so many difference kinds of new clothes and shoes to school all the time, I was never need to ask my parents to buy any new clothes before they keep changing my clothes as much as they could. Base on my parents supplied since I was a kids, I have been living in a big closet’s life which must has as much new and fashion clothes as I can. I remember I chose my own clothes when I was 12 years old from my parents fashion company while they had the newest clothes in the store. I felt so happy when I could chose my own clothes without my parents permission. However, I think that was the time to start I become shopaholic, because I did not need to spend the money to get as much new and fashion clothes as I could, and even the supply from my parents fashion company could not made me satisfy when I was 15 years old. So I start to ask my parents’ money to buy more clothes that was came from other fashion stores with one requirement, that I have to tell them the price for all clothes and shoes to my parents and explained the reason I chose it, so I might help my parents to check what was popular clothes on the marketing. However, sometime they did not except my ideas when I already bough it. So base on my parents careers background and a ridiculous excuse that help my parents to catch the fashion market as “buyer”, I keep my shopaholic life since now. In addition, I start to buy new clothes as often as I can, for example, I start from seasonal to two  months and even per month since five years ago when I came to U.S to study, because I had hard times to buy new clothes in U.S where always does not have my right size and my style. I am not saying the clothes in U.S is worst, but the style is entirely difference that looks cute in China, so cause me to buy more and more new clothes from the overseas. The reason I could buy that much clothes because I always make so many difference kinds of excuses to my parents, for example, the clothes is shrink or broken, the weather is getting cool or hot to persuade my parents to help me pay the new fashion online order for every time.
  The fist reason I decided to join this program, because I realized I have too much clothes that cause my bedroom getting less space to walk,and my fiance keep complaining my clothes that need to use 6 huge boxiest to store and gave him a hard time when we move to the new place. Beside, I had one closet is broken because I put too much clothes on it. The second reason made me to join this program because of the AT 645 class, that give me the information about how the textile production and laundry has so many side effect to make the environment getting worst. I feel I was an environment killer in the past time, so I decided to change my shopaholic life as longer as I could be changed, in order to safe the environment.