Ok so today is the day that I would normally be dressed up in a costume for Mardi Gras with my family and friends in New Orleans. But what horrible timing with school and everything. As well as the Chinese New Year stealing its thunder. Probably with equally elaborate parades and costumes. But this year is the year of the snake I hear- not sure how I feel about my greatest fear owning this year… Oh well probably gave ed hardy some inspirationand fashion followers an excuse. Anyways- Mardi Gras costumes are the best. People get political, trashy, ridiculous, and drunk- and I’m not describing their attitudes, im describing the costumes too. Look it up online- probably through facebook, because I’m sure someone you know is there. Soo those were my thoughts. Love these random holidays. More than valentines day. And even though I have a valentine it’s still a ridiculous holiday for which I will not dress up for. In fact that may be a tshirt and sweats day just in spite of this pinkand red holiday.

So to rap it up- HAPPY HOLIDAYS and dressing in their fashion 🙂