When thinking about not shopping for a number of weeks, it makes me anxious! You know the saying, “I eat when I am bored”? Well, I shop when I am bored. Even though I know that what I buy is probably not a necessity, I always end up getting something no matter what. I have always shopped for higher end merchandise because I like to buy things that are of a high quality opposed to buying someone that I can only get a few wears out of before it rips or the colors fade. When it comes to my shopping, I shop about once or twice a week. Shopping has always been something my mom and I do together, it’s always been kind of our thing when we are together. I chose to accept the challenge of Fashion Detox because I need to stop spending so much money on things that I don’t need! I know this is a good way to get me to stop shopping so much!

Until next time,