Here we go. starting the fashion detox at the beginning. Sounds like a great challenge… today… before I actually want something 5 or 6 weeks from now. But NO! 13 weeks baby. Let’s do it. Challenge accepted. And lets go over what all I bought before today- Victoria’s secret new bra, and skull yoga pants, then some thrift shop stuff to redo (jean high waisted pants made into shorts with heart cut out and lace pockets, and a dress I’m going to try some gathering and pleating on), a blue rose fabric headband from fortuity where I found floral pants and cowboy boots I want. They will most likely be gone in 13 weeks. Otherwise their company needs to rethink some strategies. But thats off subject. And then I also had a cute tattoo inspired dress with sequin bustier print and chiffon skirt, as well as some jeffery campbell aztec sewn knock offs from Now shopping and buying I can prevent, but I will still look. Look but not touch. Deal. Good luck to all of us.