I am a 20, soon to be 21, year old college student.  I work a part time job, but am fortunate enough to have my education, necessities, and housing paid for in full by my parents. This means that working is more about ethics and learning to manage my own money than anything else.  However, ever since I was 16 I have paid for my own gas and clothing.  Mostly because my mother works on a very tight budget, and would not pay for the trendier clothing that I wanted.

I have always spent the majority of my money on nicer clothing and accessories.  I do not feel the need to have a large quantity of clothing, but I admire quality.  I would rather spend $50.00 on a necklace from Anthropologie than buy ten necklaces from Forever21 for the same price.  Another factor to buying quality over quantity stems from being a plus size figure.  A lot of the plus sized clothing from Forever21, Target, or (heaven forbid) Walmart either looks cheap or matronly.  I have taken up to buying the majority of my clothing from Gap, Lane Bryant, or department stores.

Since I have started college, I find myself shopping sporadically at Target or Gap about once a month.  I usually purchase one or two items during the school year, but find that I do the majority of my shopping over Christmas, Summer, or weekend trips to Kansas City.  I will splurge and spend upwards of $200-$400 dollars at Anthropologie, DSW, or other shops on the Plaza and Town Center about two or three times a year.

I am drawn into stores for different purposes.  Anthropologie draws me in through the beautiful displays and overall creative vibe for world traveling artists. I purchase merchandise from Anthropologie because I want the feeling I have while in the store to linger on me even when I am at home.  DSW motivates me to buy shoes because of the self-service of sizes in a clean and specialized store.  Often times the other stores on the Plaza or at Town Center that draw me in get my attention because of their location.  I go shopping at outdoor malls because I like the experience that I am receiving.  I do not go to one of these locations to hit one shop and stop.  I may go for Anthropologie, but I stay for coffee, lunch and shopping in between.

I have chosen to participate in the Fashion Detox challenge because I believe in my ability to abstain from purchasing clothing until May 12th, 2013.  I am content with the clothing and accessories I have.  I often believe my biggest problem in finding something to wear is that I have too many items and I can not think about all of my options.  So today begins the journey of sustaining my closet and taking the challenges when and if they come.