I keep asking myself what I am doing, volunteering to go roughly thirteen weeks with out buying anything apparel related. This seems like an extremely difficult task to accomplish. For myself shopping is a way to relax and not focus on anything more than what top would look best hanging in my closet. I don’t consider myself to be a “big spender” when I go shopping, I go shopping often, but usually won’t spend more than $50 at a time. And believe me, I like to shop and buy new things.

I typically find myself going on shopping trips when I have plans that night and can’t decide what to wear. Just to buy a shirt here and dress there. Nothing over the top. I have found to reuse a lot of my clothes I already wear, this I think I truly learned by attending a catholic school for thirteen years with uniforms. With these uniforms I never went on big shopping trips for “back to school” clothes, so now years later, I still don’t find myself going on massive, expensive shopping trips. I use what I have and if its not exactly what I want, I find ways to make it work.

As far as my style and motivations, I never really think I have a set style. I see what other people are wearing but more I just buy what I like and make it “my style”. I would consider it very eclectic and a little bit of everything. With this blog I hope to prove to myself that I don’t need to go out and buy one thing when I can’t decide what to wear. So here goes nothing!