I am in awe at the moment. In awe of the fact that I agreed to go without shopping for 13 weeks! When my friends found out I decided to participate, they were very supportive…until I told them it was for 13 weeks….and completely voluntary! Then the word “crazy” got thrown around quite a bit! When I first signed up, I was pumped about saving some money this semester. But then the more I thought about it and the closer this day approached I realized how much I loved shopping, not to mention how much I love spring time! It’s my favorite season and I’ve always loved shopping for new sundresses, shorts, and swimsuits! So I began thinking of all the possible things I might need…I mean want….during these 13 weeks and I ended up buying a few things. I don’t shop very often, usually a couple times a month…honestly! And I’ll be the first to admit how cheap I am…with that being said, I’m a huge sucker for sales! If its on sale, I have to have it. I convince myself that even though I shouldn’t spend money, I should buy it simply because it’s a great price. Ridiculous, I know! I also don’t seem to have a specific time when I like to shop. It could be because of the weather…rain or shine, the mall is a great place to be! Or simply my mood…if I’m sad why not cheer myself up with a cute new outfit or keep my spirits high when I’m already in a great mood?! I think this challenge will not only be a great opportunity to save money, but to also appreciate all the things I already have. I am without nothing when it comes to clothing, whereas there are so many people with barely a fraction of what I own. I really wanted to learn to be content through this challenge….and that’s exactly what this will be, a challenge, but one that I’m ready to conquer!  So bring it on!