Alrighty, here we go. Day one of this thirteen weeks of none fashion hell has officially begun. When I decided to participate in this experience I thought about how much I spend on clothes and at the time it didn’t seem like very much. As a college student one, bills suck me dry and two, I’m usually very good about saving my money and buying things that I only NEED. But as the days got closer and closer to having to start this, all these things started popping in my head that I NEEDED… not wanted. I needed a cute new swimsuit for spring break, new sunglasses, shoes and much much more that I didn’t realize until now. So as I was frantically hurrying my spring break decisions in less then a week I realized this might be harder then I thought. I might be regretting this just a little but with my head held high and my friends here for support I will be taking this, none thought out decision, one day at a time. One thing that I do think that will help me is that I’m a great window shopper/online looker and I’m great when friends need shopping advice. Like having them buy clothes that I like too that I possible will wear…. hehe secret out. So with that being said BRING IT ON FASHION DETOX…. I’m ready for ya!