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Fashion Detox Week 1



I’m not sure how this detox is going to end up but so far, I already have a few ideas.

This is not the only study going on, the other study is about clothing care.  Those participating in the other study have to log their apparel and textile care over the course of the next few weeks.  While those in the detox study, are required to refrain from purchasing new fashion items.  I chose the detox because I thought I could do it.  I have gone other times without buying, although not consciously.  My reasons for not buying varied between lack of interest in the items offered and lack of funds, usually what would happen is I would have money and not find anything. 

            As soon as I heard about this challenge, I began analyzing my apparel habits.  Purchasing, caring, wants and needs.  I realized I not only can I be guilty of buying too much but I can also be guilty of not purchasing quality or purchasing what I really need instead of what I want.  As well, there are times I purchase things on impulse and don’t end up wearing them.  I see I am getting wiser at times about my purchases but I also have so much room for improvement. 

I made a list of some things I realized I needed/wanted

What (I think) I need:


What I want in jeans

            Good Fit

            DARK WASH
            Classic details

            Versatility (I need them to be able to go with)



                        Silk Camisoles




            Basic T’s

                        White, Black, & Grey –  & or Long Sleeves/Tanks

            Black Cardigan/ Sweater – that doesn’t fall apart or fade or pile too much not too long not to short minimal embellishment that still has interest

            Brown Boots –  mine I have now are a few years old with work and weather damage

            Yoga pants – I can’t find the pair I loved that don’t seem to fade although on a positive note I had copied the pattern.  So I could use that to make another pair if I find a fabric to make them out of.  With my design twist of course!

Intimates. I realized this is apparently my weakness I was unaware of until I did some self-reflecting.  If I cave during this challenge I’m positive this will be me first.  I love cute underwear and love to match.  It’s been a while since I purchased new undergarments and my favorite bra just popped a wire.  I probably should have made a trip to the lingerie store before today. 


Other things I’m thinking about.

What I have.

What I love.

Why do I need these things?

What is wrong with the ones I have?

What is needed to take care of what I have?

How could I improve the design, quality, life and impact of these items?

What I think people need.

I have a history of being too picky.  And I know have not been diligent in the care of my clothes, specifically wearing them places that are conducive to long life, my job.  I often buy fast fashion to wear to work knowing it’s cheap and will probably get ruined anyways.  This is my biggest contribution to the waste problem our industry and society face.


I should sketch out some designs of these staples I would like.


Up cycle

            I should up cycle all of the things I have in my closet that I have purchased and never worn or have issues that could be redesigned. 

            I hope that blogging all of my thoughts will help me act on my thoughts and create garments I think others would like.


            Hopefully next week I’ll have more of my thoughts organized and will have selected some thing specific to blog about!


Rose Penny